Candy Standard 60cm 65L Inox ( FCS 605 X/E )



Created for those who prefer simplicity, Smart ovens are characterized by a modern and essential design, making a perfect balance between the two materials: glass and steel.


An essential design that will perfectly match with every kitchen style.

Glass inner door

The new glass inner door has an average temperature of just 55°C while inside the oven is 200°C. The fact that the whole glass surface has no visible screws makes it simple and easy to clean.

Anti-tilt shelves

The new design and new shape of the anti-tilt shelves allows perfect stability during cooking and also when removing dishes from the oven.

  • Dimension: 60cm
  • Basic surface material: Inox
  • Capacity: 65L
  • Knobs: 2
  • Display incl.
  • 5 Functions
  • Fan Incl. 
  • Warranty: 2 Years 

Retail price
Rs 15,990
Rs 0.00 | Rs 619.00