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Candy Cube Fridge 436 L - 4 Doors (CSC818FX)


Multidoor Refrigerator

This 4-door refrigerator offers maximum food storage capacity (400 lt) and adapts to all kitchen styles. It also guarantees the best performance thanks to the Total No Frost technology.

Easy management

Thanks to the dual-setting touch control panel, it is possible to conveniently manage the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer and to set different functions such as holiday atmosphere, super freezing and super cool.

Large storage capacity

Thanks to the maximum capacity (400 lt) of this multi-door refrigerator, it is possible to store a large quantity of food and keep it in the best conditions. The multi-door structure allows you to choose the section to open, avoiding temperature dispersion and reducing energy consumption.

No frost formation in the freezer

The No Frost technology produces cold air in the freezer section and then distributes it evenly throughout the refrigerator cavity. The temperature and humidity in the refrigerator will remain constant and therefore keep your food tasty and fresh for longer. The Total No Frost system does not produce frost in the freezer section and therefore there is no need to defrost your freezer.


High energy classes are also combined with an intelligent inverter compressor capable of setting a new standard in terms of consumption, sound level and cooling performance.

Save energy and money

This class F refrigerator, compliant with the new energy label and comparable to class G, reduces consumption by up to 20%, saving energy, money and respecting the environment.

  • Net Capacity 436L
  • No Frost Cooling with Multi-Flow
  • Inverter Motor
  • Electronic Display & control
  • H1830 x W836 x D636 mm
  • 2 years warranty


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