Candy Front Load Washing Machine 10Kg (CSO 14105TE/1-S)


Simplify your laundry thanks to Candy Smart Pro: thanks to the quick programs in direct access, designed to meet your daily washing needs. Versatile, fast and reliable, this washing machine is the best solution to save time and simplify your life.

With the SMART MAINTENANCE function, maintaining your machine becomes very simple. It allows you to launch a complete diagnosis of the washing machine to check its state of health and to launch a maintenance cycle if necessary.

With a delayed start, the laundry will be ready when you want it. It allows you to program the start of the washing cycle with a maximum delay of 24 hours. No more unpleasant odors created by damp laundry left in the machine. No more waste of power consumption, setting laundry when electricity is more convenient.

The new Active Motion technology, by accelerating the rotation speed of the drum, improves washing efficiency, saves time and reduces vibrations.

The "My Statistics" function shows you all the consumption of your most used programs in order to save water and electricity.

Candy Smart Pro is equipped with the new Simply-Fi technology, with unique features such as voice guidance, improved efficiency and a wifi remote control function intended to make washing even more smooth and convenient.

Our machines minimize the amount of electricity used, reducing waste. Sensitive weight sensors detect the size of the load and automatically adjust the amount of water and electricity used.

Select your washing program from the 9 quick programs in less than an hour. You can save time for everything you love and get perfect washing results for every need.

This class E washing machine, compliant with the new energy label and compared to class G, reduces consumption by at least 13%, saves energy, money and respects the environment.

  • Front load
  • White
  • Capacity: 10kg
  • 1400rpm
  • WIFI Connection + Bluetooth
  • 5 Display
  • Warranty: 2 Years
Retail price
Rs 22,990
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